TV personality and actor, Uti Nwachukwu in a recent interview with LIB said he cannot act nude in any movie because as a man your nudity is sacred and heíd willingly donate his sperm for N20 million.So What Has Uti Been Up to Lately?

Oh, what have I not been up to? Iíve been hosting events, walking runways both home and abroad. Iím preparing to start shooting more movies both home and abroad not Hollywood but African productions. Itís not the best of years but itís been a very good year for me.

So the recession is not hitting you?

Iím not going to lie. I wonít say Iím getting more than what I got last year but Iíve been getting way enough to sustain my lifestyle since Iím not frivolous and can live a comfortable to pay my bills and live a happy and comfortable life.

As a fashion icon, do you intend flagging off a fashion brand?

Iíve always been looking forward to pushing my own label but for now, Iíd rather partner with a designer to release an Uti inspired line. To be honest, I am extremely afraid of starting my own business in Nigeria. Iíd rather partner with someone than start my own. Respect to those who have run successful small businesses in Nigeria because all the factors are against you from power to the labour force and having dedicated people to run your business like their own. I do a lot of things in entertainment and combining all that will be difficult. Iím not ready to give up doing what I enjoy doing to run a business. I am more of a performer than a businessman and once I can get people trustworthy enough to run my business and Iím sure Iíll be getting a good return on investment, I will. I canít handle my own business right now.

Since you model how much money will make you go nude for a shoot?

Thatís not my brand.

Even for a Billion Naira?

Honestly if I have to do that, it will be the kind of money to put me in a position where I donít have to lift a finger again. If its a billion dollars, obviouslyÖ No thinking of it, thereís something sacred about my nudity. Even at big brother when they showered naked, I never showered naked. I always had my boxers on. If my nudity is brought out to the public, itíll definitely be against my will or a situation where I was tricked. Back nudity, yes, everyone has bum bum nau. As a man, the only thing you can hold sacred is your p***s so if everyone sees your penis, thereís no sacred thing you can hold unto. Thatís see finish and Iím not comfortable with that. Even with that $1B. In the future, youíre going to have kids in the future. We have to preserve our sense of decency and conservation. Iím not judgmental, wonít judge anyone but I want to have something that will leave people guessing. The only person that should see my p***s is who Iím sleeping with.

Talking about that, who are you sleeping with at the moment?

(laughs) Really, thatís like me asking you did you shave or how big is your.. I donít kiss and tell.

Everyone is asking when Uti will get married.

Really? They are just wasting their time. They attach importance to cultural issues. Iím pro marriage. One of my most popular articles was on marriage. It went viral. With the response from that article I can tell that many people are under pressure to get married. Itís not an obligation. Even churches make it seem like without marriage, you are a failure. Thatís why they are a lot of unhappy couples.
If I do marry, it will be because I woke up and met an amazing person and said I can spend the rest of my life with this person. Marriage shouldnít be dependent on age or societal expectations just like the way you donít care how I ate this morning. Everyone has a right of free will. If I meet someone that makes me complete inside, I will marry. I ask God, if you have a wife for me, divinely connect me. Give me that confirmation in my heart. Until then, I am not even bothered. I donít do things when others are doing things. I graduated in 2009 my mates graduated 2003 at the end of the day in 2010, I made x2 of all the money they had been saving over the years while I was trying to still trying to find myself. If you compare yourself to others, you will miss the road God has paved for you.

Are Your Parents In Support Of This?

I come from a family of 2 boys and 4 girls and my parents never put pressure on us. All my sisters married over the age of 30 only one married before 30. I am single and I have one other single sister. My married sisters have given birth and they are all 30. I am the last born in my family. My dad never said you must marry and my mums never said give me my grandchild before I get old.
No pressure from my family, pressure I receive is from other people which I donít tolerate. I analyze a few married friends and see that they are not happy. 80% of married people are not happy. If you are happily married, you will not be concerned about other peopleís status.

Whatís your relationship with Timi Dakolo? Recall that the marriage thing caused a stir between the both of you on Instagram.

Timi is my friend. If you go through me and Bryanís timeline, we are constantly insulting each other and laughing about it. I and Beverly Naya have that kind of relationship. I am not a sweet sugar coating kind of guy. We insult each other on phone it doesnít mean we hate eachother. Itís the same thing with Timi. All of that was just online drama. Itís just yabbing. Timi is my guy anytime any day. Iím sure he will laugh if he reads this.

When was the last time you took a lady out on a proper date?

That was at the AFW in London where I met a very interesting Nigerian based girl. It was a bit awkward where we met. We met where Iíd not be interested in seeing her again but there was something very special about her. Iím not saying weíre dating but I just decided to have a proper sit down and eat and we genuinely talked and got to know each other. It was fun, I felt like I was 21 again.

After the date what happened?

Distance sucks. I am not a good long distance person, once or twice, we keep in touch but the relationship will suffer.

Are you implying youíre in a long distance relationship?

No no! Just like I said, it will suffer; we are keeping in touch and want to see where this goes. We talked for one hour last night.