Twitter Dashboard, the app aimed at business users, is shutting down on February 3 — just over 7 months since it was launched. However, its demise may not be so bad for the larger Twitter community.
Arriving in late June, Dashboard was described as a “a powerful tool designed to help businesses connect with their customers and community.” Among its features is a customized feed, tweet scheduling, personalized notifications, and tweet recommendations.
The Dashboard team broke the news of its upcoming closure in a series of tweets, claiming that the app had received “overwhelming positive feedback” during its short spell. Dashboard will continue to post its users scheduled tweets, which can be managed from TweetDeck (a desktop tool that offers a similar scheduling function). In a separate tweet, Twitter product and engineering manager Noah Pepper confirmed that both the Dashboard web and mobile apps are to be shut down.
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The Dashboard mobile and web apps will soon be no more
A glimmer of hope for Dashboard users came with the announcement that the app will have its “best features” integrated into Twitter for the benefit of the broader community. The app’s team did not clarify which features it was referring to, but the customization options offered by Dashboard should appeal to most active users of Twitter’s flagship platform. We reached out to Twitter for a comment, but did not immediately receive a response.
The fact that Twitter already had TweetDeck as its tool for hardcore users and its Engage analytics app for celebrities in its arsenal, may have limited Dashboard’s potential audience. At the time of its launch, we noted that it was likely being used as a springboard for turning business users into advertisers — perhaps that didn’t go as planned. It also didn’t help that Dashboard remained an iOS exclusive, cutting off Android users as a result.