Popular Abuja club owner, Uyi Ogbebor, who is the principal partner of Abuja popular clubs, The Bank and Moscow, has dispelled rumour that he partnered in setting up Moscow because The Bank has been bought by a popular politician.

Uyi, while debunking the report, said he remains a principal partner of The Bank, stating that Moscow was launched as part of his target to expand his business.

He disclosed that he had been inundated with calls by patrons who sought to know if truly he left to launch Moscow alongside his partner, Ayokunle Akinbode, because The Bank had been taken over by a new management. He said he had earlier addressed a press conference on why Moscow was set up, hence it was shocking for anyone to have linked the opening of Moscow to the takeover of The Bank by a politician or anyone.

He said, “I’m so shocked about this rumour. I remain a partner owner of The bank. I had addressed this issue in my last interaction with the press where I disclosed that I was partnering to set up Moscow to extend my business tentacle.

“Recently, I have been bombarded with calls by patrons who wanted to know if a top politician has truly bought The Bank. They wanted to know if the development informed my decision of teaming up with Mr Ayo to launch Moscow, but the answer is simple and straight, I remain a partner owner of The Bank. My interest at The Bank remains very huge, just as it is with Moscow.

“I want to state clearly that the launch of Moscow has nothing to do with The Bank. The Bank is still operating fine. No one has bought the club yet. Yankee and I will continue to collaborate to satisfy the undying taste of Abuja club patrons,” Uyi said.

Relatively, his partner, Ayo said Moscow was opened to meet the demand for excellence in club management. He said, “We launched Moscow, not because The Bank has been shut down. Nobody has bought The Bank. The partner owner, Uyi is also my partner, and we discuss the status of the club almost everyday.

“Those peddling the rumour that The Bank has been bought by a popular politician are simply being unfair to the management of the club. As far as I know, The Bank is still under its management. We are in the business together, hence we must support ourselves.”

“We are in the process of officially launching Moscow, but not to shove The Bank aside. We once ate from the same table, so we shall continue in that manner,” Ayo said.

Meanwhile, Moscow Underground will officially open by the end of November.