On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, the home of Reggae/Dancehall act Admiral C4C was raided by the police in Romainia.
According to the law enforcement officers, the raid was part of the ongoing investigation concerning business associates of his fiancée Ana Columbus who stay in France.

This raid lasted 9 hours and afterwards his fiancée was detained. She has now been extradited to France.

Admiral C4C claims that the armed law enforcement personnel raided his home and turned it inside out. He also said that they took his fiancée on the pretext of going to sign some papers only to be told several hours later, after fervent calls to the police station, that his fiancée has been detained and will be extradited to France for charges the Romanian government finds her not guilty of.

Admiral C4C expressed his grief and sadness on his Facebook page. The artist is left with just his 3 year old son Zion.
On June 28, 2016, Admiral C4C proposed to his girlfriend of four years on the streets of Romania.