A mother was put in a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu head lock by her son when she tried to spank him and it was filmed. In the footage, an observer is seen scolding the boy to let go of his mother but the child refused and hit his mother several times on the head while she couldn't move because his leg was gripping her tight.

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The observer later succeeded in pulling the boy away from his mother but the child made sure to throw a kick first at his mother before she stood. Afterwards, the shocked mother just stood looking at her son like he's an alien while the observer scolded him. He then turned to the woman scolding him and began pointing in her face while warning her. The woman tried hitting his hand away but he grabbed her hand and held it. When he let go, he got into position, ready for a fight, with his fists balled.

In all of this, his mother stayed silent looking. The woman then told him to apologize to his mother but instead of doing that, he slapped her continuously then grabbed her neck and tried strangling her. He beat her some more and when the observer tried to stop him, he attacked her too and his mother tried defending him from the woman.

Little boy put his mother in a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu head lock for trying to spank him

People are suggesting the woman is probably his nanny which is why she feels reluctant to beat him back. That's a more probable story because it's hard to believe any mother will take this.

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