Are you bothered why our President is spending half of his time globe-trotting abroad while the economy of the nation is dwindling?

Have you ever wondered why Prof Wole Soyinka, Prof David Tam West, and Otunba Dele Momodu et al have suddenly gone silent?

Quietly go through the bureaucratic chain of APC to be properly guided.

The research instrument is “Animal Farm”; using the various characters in the novel.


The characters that fall in this category are the likes of Prof Soyinka et al. Just like Snowball, they fought for change and revolution only to be outsmarted by Napoleon. They are silent and don’t make noise any longer because they have discovered that they were sold a dummy.


In this category, we have Tinubu and the APC elites who sold a dummy to teeming Nigerians.

Today, it is still suffering galore for Nigerians. Just like how the Animals in Animal farm didn’t fare any better even after Mr. Jones had been expelled, Nigerian are also suffering and are even worse than before.


In this category we have those whose position in the bureaucratic chain is to effect propaganda. Just like how Squealer did a good job in promoting Napoleon in Animal farm. Today, those that fall in the category of Squealer are doing a fantastic job of lying and propaganda. Thus far, they have an army of gullibles who will believe anything they say.


This is the category of the military police of APC. Their work is simply to use whatever means to enforce the decision of the Napoleon category. The means they use is simply force. In other words, they are brutes who are not ready to tolerate dissenting opinions.


“Comrade Napoleon is always right, and I will work harder”. This is boxer’s motto.

In this category we have the multitude of APC supporters. Just like Boxer in Animal farm, they accept everything they are been told by Squealer the propaganda chief of Napoleon. That is why you always hear them saying # istand with Buhari# despite the fact that their lives have not become any better ever since APC came to power. Despite the fact they queue to by fuel at outrageous price. Despite the fact that inflation is high.