This oneís a lightning rod on both sides of the aisle: conservatives view it as a disgusting practice that is immoral and evil, liberals view it as exploitative and demeaning to women.

The way I look at it, legalizing prostitution will create a far, far better world. Right now, there are basically four classes of prostitutes (male and female):

Street-walkers, generally viewed as the bottom-rung of this ladder. Most commonly associated with pimps, drugs, and disease.

Organized girls, who operate as a part of a group. This is your classic ďmassage parlorĒ or the rare brothel.

Call girls, which actually runs a rather large gamut, from those who are barely removed from the street to $10K per hour models/actresses.

Sex slaves, the forced prostitution that actually overlaps considerably with the other three but is marked by there being absolutely no choice in the matter (a case can be made that many prostitutes have no choice due to their addictions, but for my purposes, Iím talking about people actually imprisoned).

The primary reason why number 4 exists, and pimps exist, is because prostitution is illegal. With legalization, youíve now removed most of the ability for either to exist. Yes, there may still be slaves, especially in the case of minors, but itíll be significantly easier to identify and locate such cases. Pimps would be gone; prostitutes have very few protections from such predators due to the illegal nature of their business, but if you make it legal, there are now police involved, thereís a labor board, thereís the EEOC, etc.

With legalization, steps can be taken to regulate the industry (donít tell me you think the industry canít be self-taxed, sustainably). Mandatory drug and STD testing. Programs to help women segue from the trade if desired. 401(k)s. Medical insurance. The world would change for these people in a significant way, removing those who see no alternative and leaving only those people who actively enjoy doing the job.

We can save significant sums of money on law enforcement.

We can have increased tax revenues.

We can remove this stigma against pros and their clientele; seriously, anybody who thinks that weíre talking about a tiny percentage of the population hasnít been paying attention. Men hire women. Women hire men. Men hire men and women hire women, itís been going on for thousands of years and itís not going anywhere. At some point, we have to just accept that this is going to happen, regardless of how much we say, ďBad person, stop that!Ē

Also, we can stop being hypocritical with ourselves. I donít know how we got where we are. Itís legal to have sex and itís legal to earn money. Itís legal to pay a man to jack-off into a cup for the purposes of having a baby. Itís legal to go on a date and decide, based on how much money was spent, whether or not to have sex with the other person. Itís legal to barter (ďIíll suck yours if you suck mineĒ). Itís legal for a married couple to agree on a price for sex (ďYou want that new car? I know how you can get itÖ.Ē). Itís legal to pay money for all sorts of pleasurable things, like massages and spa trips. But for some reason, this one area, paying for sex with somebody, is illegal.

Quick disclaimer: no, I have never used the services of a pro. However, I can see many logical reasons for doing so for many people. People whose physical appearance is undesirable, those whose fetishes are just too far removed from the norm, widows/widowers who donít want attachments again, married people who need more but canít have it and donít want to ruin their marriage, etc. There are many logical reasons.