In terms of games available for the upcoming Nintendo Switch, not much is known. We know that Zelda’s Breath of the Wild is one of them, and from the trailer we also saw titles like Splatoon, Skyrim, Mario Kart, and more. We expect that Nintendo will officially reveal the titles come January 12, 2017, but in the meantime an indie exclusive has been revealed.

In a teaser video uploaded to YouTube, it seems that we can expect at least one indie game to arrive for the Switch. Dubbed ”Seasons of Heaven”, this is an indie game developed by French studio AnyArts Production. Not only is this an indie game destined for the Switch, but it seems that it will be an exclusive to the platform.

Given that exclusives certainly do draw gamers to consoles, like how Journey was a PlayStation exclusive, and how Halo is pretty much Xbox-only, perhaps “Seasons of Heaven” could be a big enough draw for gamers to come to the Switch. No word on what kind of game “Seasons of Heaven” will be like, but it does seem to sport some pretty decent graphics and an environment which we can only imagine will be more of an RPG-like game if anything.

The full trailer is set for a release on the 19th of December, so perhaps we’ll learn more then. However if indie games are your thing, then check it out in the video above.