"No Man's Sky" is not yet out in the market but the interest in the game is already so high. It was listed as one of the most anticipated games this year and due to the huge interest of the public, many information about it have already been leaked.

The leaked information spoils many things about the game and while many gamers love getting details prior to the actual game release, others simply hate it since it only breaks excitement due to spoilers. However, the worst scenario happened to "No Man's Sky" when someone called daymeeuhn uploaded a copy of the game on Dailymotion.
Everyone knows that the game would be released next week so the copy is a major spoiler. The man was able to acquire a PS4 pre-release copy of the game via eBay and he bragged about his $1,300 purchase on social media.
Daymeeuhn tried out the game and leaked video bits of "No Man's Sky." Fortunately, before he could post more footage of the gameplay, Hello Games CEO Sean Murray, called on to the concerned gamer and asks him to refrain from spoiling the game.
"We've spent years filling No Man's Sky with surprises. You've spent years waiting. Please don't spoil it for yourself," Murray tweeted.

Since then, daymeeuhn stopped posting videos and refused to share what he learned while playing the game. But despite this, he did not hold back from commenting about the game's system and revealed that players only need about 20-30 hours to finish up the "No Man's Sky" because by then, a player could have already reached the center of the galaxy which is the main objective of the game.
Another thing that daymeeuhn was able to spill before he was stopped, is an info about what players actually do while on the planet. As seen on the leaked video, a player roams while doing random things, as if testing what will happen if he will do this and that. In addition, players also shoot to survive since the world is not safe especially if he is alone.