Note: This list is compiled of every known release date at the time of publishing. Due to the nature of video game development, these dates are subject to change.

These games are coming to both Xbox One and PS4 in August.
The first game coming to both consoles in August is Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 1: Realm of Shadows. If you like the style of games Telltale makes, youíll definitely want to give this one a go. The first episode for Batman: The Telltale Series releases on Aug. 2.

Livelock is a top-down shooter taking place in a post-apocalyptic world. The twist here is all humans have been killed, and all that remains are armies of robots, programmed to fight each other until the end of time. Livelock comes out on Aug. 2.

A follow-up to Grow Home, Grow Up will be releasing on Aug. 16. Like the original, players control a robot named BUD who must explore and search for his way back home. To do so, players can grow plants to climb on and get help.

The action of Formula 1 racing is back in F1 2016. Coming out Aug. 19, F1 2016 features truly stunning graphics and some of the best racing action around.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is one of the biggest games of the month, and likes to defy classification. Depending on your play style, it is a stealth game, action game, or first-person shooter. Whatever it is, this RPG will be great when it comes out Aug. 23.

The Worms are back in Worms W.M.D. Playing like the classic games, Worms W.M.D. introduces vehicles and buildings to the mix. Get ready to blow your friends sky-high, or just poke them off a ledge, when this releases on Aug. 23 as well.

The next entry in the Madden series is here yet again, this time featuring Rob Gronkowski as the cover athlete. Expect some slight gameplay changes, a roster update, and maybe some improved presentation options. Madden 17 comes out on Aug. 23.

If youíre in the mood for another racing sim that features all sorts of different racing styles, check out Assetto Corsa when it releases Aug. 30. This game is designed with realism in mind, touting a highly accurate physics engine and myriad customization and modding options.

These games are coming exclusively to PS4 in August.

AbzŻ, from the art director of Journey, features underwater exploration and mysteries waiting in its depths. Expect great visuals, interesting gameplay, and an outstanding soundtrack from Austin Wintory when AbzŻ releases for PS4 and PC on Aug. 2.

Another PS4 and PC release, Tricky Towers is also releasing on Aug. 2. This puzzle game is what happens when you take Tetris and flip it, making people build up a tall tower instead of removing lines when rows are cleared. Oh yeah, couple in some physics and multiplayer, and you have yourself a good time.

The biggest release of August is finally here. Coming to both PS4 and PC, No Manís Sky looks to change the landscape of online gaming, offering the biggest virtual world ever to explore. No Manís Sky will be releasing on Aug. 9 for PS4 and Aug. 12 for PC.