Nintendo has news of a new console but it's not the NX. Instead, the gaming giant has announced a new version of very old games console which will no doubt be popular this Christmas. Here's what you need to know about the Nintendo Classic Mini NES release date, price, specs, games and features.

As Nintendo itself puts it: "The classic NES is back in a familiar-yet-new form as a mini replica of Nintendo's original home console. Relive past glories, defeat the boss that you could never beat, or simply enjoy the classic titles of yesteryear anew."
You may also see it called the 'Nintendo NES Classic Edition'.

Nintendo Classic Mini NES release date and price UK
Just in time to fill home around the world with joy at Christmas, the Nintendo Classic Mini release date is 11 November.
Our colleagues in the US at Macworld report that the console will be just $60 and an extra controller will cost $10. In the UK, the new NES is just 49 with a second controller costing 7.99.