Sony will be unveiling the PlayStation 4 Neo at a special event in September, according to reports.

Invitations have been sent out for a special event called "PlayStation Meeting" on 7 September, at which the Japanese corporation will share "details about the PlayStation Business". This, it has been widely assumed, means the official launch of the company's updated machine.

The new console - also known as the PlayStation 4.5 and the PlayStation 4K - is a more powerful version of Sony's existing console specially designed to support PlayStation VR, as well as running more advanced games.

Much like Microsoft's Project Scorpio, the PS4 Neo has upgraded internal hardware in order to support some of users' most-requested features, including native 4K resolutions and a consistent frame rate of 60fps.

This is partly why the PS4 Neo is being pushed as the best way to experience PSVR; in order to avoid motion sickness, VR frame rates need to be much higher than with ordinary games.