The Nintendo NX’s release date is expected to be announced alongside the console later this year. However, that console could now take a very different form to the one previously anticipated, if a new leak is to be believed. Nintendo’s upcoming console codenamed the NX was widely believed to be Nintendo’s first hybrid, with the device centred around its controller, which could be connected to an external peripheral in order to play Nintendo’s most iconic games on the big screen.

However, according to the International Business Times, those rumours of a hybrid console from Nintendo could turn out to be false. That’s because of a couple of job listings from Nintendo of America, the arm of the Japanese video games giant responsible for selling and marketing Nintendo’s products in North America.
From the job listings, Nintendo appears to be looking for two separate retail marketing leads, including one for portables and one for consoles. Whilst it could be assumed that Nintendo is looking to hire leads for both their current Wii U and 3DS divisions, it’s a decision that wouldn’t make all that much sense, especially considering Nintendo would likely want to merge their handheld and console divisions upon the release of their upcoming NX. Both positions are set to be active as of this month.