There was a lot of hype and speculations around Batman v. Superman before its release, and it didn’t really help the movie; expectations were very high so the movie was doomed to be a disappointment, although the movie wasn’t that bad. Now we have the same case with the upcoming (still over a year left till the release date) Justice League movie.

Now the hype is around the superhero's suits, apparently the suits, potentially, give away a lot about the plot. It started with Henry Cavill posting a teaser of his most probably black suit.

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He didn’t say anything, so it is pure speculation that Superman will be wearing black in the Justice League movie, this could just be a close up of his new phone cover. But this could also mean that superman will come back to life in the Justice League movie, wearing black to absorb more sunlight, to strengthen his weakened body.

The next teaser is about Batman who, not having super powers, depends a lot on his suit, with its integrated armor and gadgets, to put up a good fight, and survive.

If you are an observant Batman fan, you will immediately notice the goggles. The costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, hinted that Batman will need the goggles to pilot a new vehicle. Zack Snyder also hints at new gadgets and armor when he calls it the new “Tactical Batsuit”. Except for these obvious hints the photo has the internet bubbling with speculations, apparently it even gives clues to who the next villain is. I am sure we will be getting hints and teasers from the other protagonists about their suits in the coming months, although I have no idea where Wonder Woman has room to add anything to her suit.

If the world is still standing till November 2017, then we will have the answers to all the speculations.