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The future of traditional journalism

  1. talatubaba
    it is a known fact that traditional journalism has been in existence for a long time. And i will say that, it is making a slow advancement compared to the way the world is becoming globally advanced day by day. Looking at the fast growth of modern (online journalism), one would conclude that traditional journalism will soon be wiped away, but i stand to disagree with that statement because using Nigeria as a case study, a research revealed that majority of the population of Nigeria are illiterates, that is to say modern journalism cannot totally put traditional journalism away.
  2. Shajobi Doyin
    I strongly believe that in the same way the African tradition cannot be totally wiped away, the traditional media cannot be. They have to work hand in hand. Infact a collaboration between both media would ensure that the Trdaitional media lives up to the expectation which it has long boycotted, especially in Nigeria. It would be under pressure to keep up with the New media. Thus the media must invest in convergence. By this the people or masses would recieve their entitlement to free and accurate information.
  3. Linda Aku
    Yes, we cannot deny the fact that traditional journalism is in existence, and cannot be wiped out fully,but are we still going to crawl to be able to meet up with other digitalised mass media in the world?Nigeria and the mass media has to wake up and follow this global development.nigeria is said to have illiterates,but what of the educated ones?i still believe this ones can effect change-so therefore online journalism should be worshipped,praise just as the mainstream media and practised by the mass media.
  4. Tolulpe Asha
    hi Linda, did you start eating amala immediately you were given birth too? we are still crawling, yes we know but we will get there someday.
  5. usoko bee
    i also strongly believe that the mainstream media cannot be wiped out. there are still a lot of people in Nigeria who will never patronise online journalism cos they feel its just not the same as holding the paper. however, there is definitely a need for both kinds of journalism to function together, in which case a great impact will be made .
  6. Rita Mamman
    be it mainstream or traditional media are both important in our present society, they go hand in hand. they will complement each other as long as this country is concern.

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