A Liberian doctor has died of Ebola virus, despite taking an experimental anti-Ebola drug, ZMapp, Liberia’s information minister has said.

Abraham Borbor was one of three doctors in Liberia who had been given ZMapp and were showing signs of recovery.

ZMapp has been credited with helping several patients recover from the virus, including two United States (US) doctors currently discharged from hospital.

Dr Borbor “was showing signs of improvement, but yesterday (Sunday), he took a turn for the worse,” Liberian Information Minister, Lewis Brown, told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

“What this means for the drugs, I don’t know,” the minister added, without giving further details.

It was believed Dr Borbor died in Monrovia, capital of Liberia and before his death, he was the deputy chief medical doctor at the country’s largest hospital.