Another military officer, Col. Isaac Zida, former Presidential Guard to ousted President Blaise Compaore, has announced he has assumed responsibility as the country’s Head of State.

Burkina Faso’s local media quoted Zida as making the declaration in Ouagadougou during a broadcast over a private television station on Saturday.

The announcement came barely 24 hours after Burkina Faso’s Army chief, Gen. Nabéré Traore, declared himself as the Head of State following Compaore’s resignation.

“I have now assumed the responsibilities of Head of State to ensure the continuity of the state pending the collective agreement of our people for a peaceful transition.

“I assure the entire nation that former President Blaise Compaore, who resigned on Friday, is safe and secure,’’ he was quoted as saying.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the Compaore-led government came under attack following parliament’s planned amendment of Article 37 of the country’s constitution.

Thousands of Burkinabes stormed the streets of major cities protesting against the planned amendment and setting the National Assembly ablaze in the process.

The protesters feared that the amendment was planned to pave the way for Compaore to stay in office beyond 2015.

Reports say that some sections of the country were opposed to Traore’s emergence as the head of state following his closeness to Compaore.

Compaore, who spent 27 years in office, was billed to vacate it in 2015 after a presidential election.