Two daring robbers, aged 15 and 16 , got into trouble on Tuesday, a day after they burgled a house in Oke Afa area of Magboro, Ogun State when they simply strolled through the same street with their loot.

A resident, Mr. Ayoade Ahmed, told our correspondent that an eagle-eyed resident spotted the suspect on Tuesday when they carried a television they had stolen the previous day past the street where they had carried out the robbery.

“This kind of robbery attack takes place often. Two of my family friends had been attacked in a similar fashion in recent times. The usual thing is that while you are in church, they would steal your electronics and jewellery,”Ahmed said.

The boys identified simply as Tunde and Omo Mushin, were said to have burgled a house at Oke Afa on Monday afternoon, stealing N600,000 kept in the house including the flat screen television they were caught with and other items.