The Edaiken escorted by Uselu people, leaves Eguae Edaiken(Uselu)for Oredo.

•The Edaiken stops at Sacred Palm Tree (udin)called Amamienson-Aimiuwa;journey continues after a brief ceromony by the tree.

•Edaiken arrives Iya-Akpan where Uselu Chiefs take leave of him and Oredo Chiefs take over

•Edaiken arrives at Eko-Ohae(he will stay here for three days). Private ceremonies.

Monday,October 10thsad9.00am)

•Edaiken leaves Eko-Ohae for Usama Palace .

•Coronation rituals continue.

Tuesday,October 18thsad9. 00am)

The Edaiken goes to Use village for the major Ceremony of choosing a Name.

•Edaiken returns to Usama.

Wednesday, October 19th: Rest Day.

Thursday, October 20th

•Edaike leaves Usama for Benin

•Goes through Isekherhe to Urho-Okpota

•Coronation Ceremony at Urho-Okpota

Sunday, October 23rd

•Omo N'Oba's Thanksgiving Worship at Holy Aruosa