Well, quite a few people, actually.

It seems the much-loved national treasure has found himself on the receiving end of some pretty unsavoury threats, with some people even calling for him to be KILLED. Yikes!

Needless to say, as with most things at the moment, the whole sorry affair is connected to President-elect Donald Trump’s recent election success. Asked in a Newsnight interview last week about the billionaire businessman turned leader of the Free World’s anti-climate change views, Sir David prehaps ill-advisedly replied “We could shoot him. It’s not a bad idea…”

Of course, Sir David was only joking (honest), but infuriated Trump fans have picked up on his comments and vented their fury on social media – with some even calling for the cuddly TV legend to be shot.

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One Trump supporter wrote on Twitter: “HOW ABOUT WE PUT 2 IN THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD?”, while another tweeted: “What a sick left wing loon, kill him!!!”

Another Trump fan took things even further and wrote: “David Attenborough said he wants to shoot Donald trump… Its pretty much decided he is gonna die then”.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, threatening to kill the president can carry a five year jail sentence and a £200,000 fine over in the US, too. So would Donald Trump risk the wrath of the British public and lock up a 90-year-old British TV legend?

Er, probably, yes.

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Some Republicans have even started a campaign to get the nature-loving nonagenarianbanned from entering the USA, and one US resident – Napier Sandford Fuller from North Carolina – has even reported the matter to the US Embassy in London.

Sir David has brushed aside the threats, and said he wasn’t taking anything too seriously.

“It was a jocular remark,” he explained.