Jordanian authorities are planning to prosecute 12 people for allegedly posting hateful comments against the victims of the Istanbul nightclub attack on New Year's Eve.
Sixteen people were originally investigated for their comments against the victims of the Islamic State-claimed mass shooting at the elite Reina venue, which saw 39 killed, including three Jordanians.

It is understood that the accused are being investigated under article 11 of the Cyber Crimes Law, which bans anyone from viewing information which "touches upon national security, foreign relations of the Kingdom, general security or national economy".

If convicted, the maximum punishment is four months in prison and a fine of 5,000 dinars ($7,000).

Mohammed Momani, a spokesman for the Jordanian government, told The Jordan Times the government was considering new legislation against hate speech.

Large parts of Jordanian society are very conservative in their religious beliefs and proscribe the use of alcohol, visiting night clubs and celebrating New Year's Eve.