US President-elect Donald Trump has called on all US ambassadors to hand in their resignations before he is sworn in on January 20, according to some diplomats.

The envoys were notified of the incoming presidentís decision through an abrupt State Department cable, which was issued on December 23 and called on all US missions in over 180 countries to return ďwithout exception,Ē according to diplomats who saw it in person.

Trumpís move marked an unprecedented break from the tradition of extending the ambassadorsí stay for some time, giving them enough time to make the required arrangements.

Previous administrations of both parties have usually given envoys enough time until at least the end of their childrenís school year.

Calling back all of President Barack Obamaís appointed envoys abroad risks leaving the US without proper representation in key countries like Britain, Germany and Canada for months.

Within two weeks of his inauguration, Trump has only named Zionist hardliner David Friedman as ambassador to Israel and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad as his ambassador to China.

Some of the envoys are reportedly planning to appeal the decision with Trumpís designated Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

They think it is unfair that their personal lives have been disrupted while First-Lady-in-waiting Melania Trump is allowed to remain at Trump Tower until her sonís school is over.

The move is in line with Trumpís other unorthodox steps in destroying Obamaís legacy, specially his foreign policy.

However, a senior member of the New York businessmanís transition team told the New York Times that there was no ďill willĒ in the decision.

According to the American Foreign Service Association, a union representing diplomats, there are 188 US ambassadors worldwide.

Many of Americaís key ambassadorships go to political appointees, i.e. senior members of the presidentís party or the people who supported his campaign through major donations.

In Obamaís case, such sinecures were granted to Jane Hartley, a Democratic fundraiser who served as ambassador to France, and former President John F. Kennedy's daughter Caroline Kennedy, to Japan.

For Israel, the outgoing president chose former Democratic congressional aide and adviser Daniel Shapiro.