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Thousands of Iraqi children are heading back to school in eastern areas of Mosul that have been cleared of Islamic State militants by government forces.
The UN Children's Fund said 30 schools had reopened on Sunday, allowing 16,000 children to resume their education after two years of jihadist rule.
An additional 40 schools are expected to open in the coming weeks after being checked for unexploded ordnance.
IS uses schools to indoctrinate children into its extremist ideology.
Boys adhere to a rigid curriculum, where drawing, history, philosophy and social studies - considered by IS to be "the methodology of atheism" - are removed. They must instead memorise verses of the Koran and attend "jihadist training", which includes firing weapons and martial arts.
Girls - most of whom were banned from getting an education in Mosul - are veiled and taught how to cook, clean and support their future husbands.