US actress Molly Ringwald, who starred as a teen in cult 1985 high school drama The Breakfast Club, has admitted she finds some of the scenes hard to watch now.

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Writing in The New Yorker, Ringwald describes how she re-evaluated the film after her 10-year-old daughter asked to watch it.

"I worried she would find aspects of it troubling," she writes.

The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes, was a critical and commercial hit. It tells the story of five very different teens forced to spend Saturday in detention together.

Ringwald, now 50, said one particular scene from the film nagged at her "after a number of women came forward with sexual assault accusations against the producer Harvey Weinstein, and the #MeToo movement gathered steam".

The hashtag #MeToo was used by both women and men to share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault in the wake of the Weinstein allegations, and evolved into a movement pushing for change.