1. Register on the YouWin Site by Clicking APPLY HERE

2. Choose your preferred choice, a. I want to start a Business or b. I want to Expand My Business

3. Fill the Form carefully and submit. You are allowed one entry so fill the form properly.

Qualification for Participation in YouWiN!

All applicants for the Business Plan Competition will be required to satisfy all of the following criteria to be eligible for consideration:

The applicant is a proven citizen of Nigeria, no older than 35 years (proof of identity international passport/voters card)

* The applicant is proposing a business venture within the national borders of Nigeria, and with the intention of employing Nigerian citizens.

* The proposed venture does not entail the production and distribution of weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or/and gambling, or any activities that is in contradiction with the Nigerian constitution

* Applicants have prepared an innovative business concept summary

* The promoter should be willing to make an equity contribution in kind, but does not need to have long experience in managing a business

The applicant must choose to participate in one award pool. There are 6 regional pools on the basis of geo political zone as identified by market in which the applicant wishes to do business.

YouWIn Nigeria - How To Apply.