In a report whose title elicits extreme bouts of nausea and vomiting (“IMO GOVT TO PATNER[sic] WITH GOWON CENTER TO FIGHT MALARIA”) dated December 12 2011 on “the Official Website of Imo State, Nigeria” at: one finds unbelievable and unconscionable words of Rochas Okorocha, with the much cheapened, maligned and denigrated, undeserved title typically assigned to Nigerian state governors: “His Excellency.”

In his own words: “…the Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha disclosed that his administration is determined to partner with trusted groups and individuals in disease control and in the improvement of the living standards of the people, adding that the “best governance is one that cares for the people’s lives.”

Governor Okorocha: why do you consider “the Yakubu Gowon Foundation” a “trusted group”; why do you consider Gowon a “trusted individual”?

Gowon is responsible for the genocidal murder of 3 million Igbo people. Recently, in Gowon’s own statement on the occasion of Ojukwu’s death the whole world has learned that Gowon shows no remorse for this crime against our people and against humanity and continues to mock the Igbo. Hear him, Gowon:…

“Let us say that the civil was for the unity of the country. If there was no secession, there would not have been a civil war. Although all men of good will to Nigeria will admit that, yes, what happened to the Igbos in Nigeria at the time, it was really bad enough, but I do not think that it should get [to] the stage whereby any leader of a people would wish to take his people out of nation,” Gowon said, in VoA (Voice of America) News of November 26 2011 under the title, “Former Nigerian Leader Pays Tribute to Late Secessionist Ojukwu”

Gowon murders millions of our people and taunts them, and you, Governor Okorocha, want to partner with him because he is giving you a few mosquito tents (which, by the way, come as free donations from international organizations) to “save” our people from Malaria? Is it not the same Gowon who specifically ordered the shooting down of Red Cross and other International Relief agencies planes trying to reach dying Biafran children and other civilians during Gowon’s war of genocide against Biafra? How many of those brave and courageous pilots and their team were killed by Gowon’s actions? The spirits of our psychically aggrieved people will see to it that anyone involved in this present-day travesty is hopelessly tangled up by those mosquito-nets.

Can you imagine a Jew or an Israeli after the fact accepting any so touted life-saving device from an unrepentant Nazi or from Hitler himself? Only an Igbo so-called “leader” these days would make such a gaffe.

Governor Okorocha does not stop there: “…He charged the Centre to channel its resources to the detection and control of cancer which he described as the fastest killer disease in the country…” Oh Okorocha: where doth stupidity start and end? Do you remember Biafra’s Research and Development department which served our outnumbered and blockaded people so well during the war? Who was waging that war against the Igbo? Was it not Gowon? Who destroyed this scientific think-tank? Was it not Gowon? When the war ended, and the spirit of the work of these scientists could have been harnessed—encouraged and incorporated—in your Nigeria, who refused, and instead killed it off? Was it not the same Gowon? Now you are asking Gowon and his Foundation who have no iota of scientific acumen, who depend entirely on what world charity doles out to them, to “channel its resources to the detection and control of cancer…” What resources? Champion a cause that Gowon himself killed?

Finally when it states that the “high point” of the occasion was Governor Okorocha’s call on Gowon “to champion the cause of the burial ceremony of late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu,…” one has to ask oneself:

What Kind of People Are These—Igbo Governors