Yes! Here's the only one I can think of, but it's important.

My boyfriend was adopted as a brand new baby, straight from the hospital he was born in. His family is so perfect for him it's almost unbelievable.

He has no idea who his biological parents are, where they live now, if he has bio siblings, etc. Honestly, he doesn't care. He already has a family and he loves them fiercely. It's like how plenty of people don't really care to know everything about their great-grandparents: it feels too far removed from their daily lives to be of importance. You just don't feel the connection.

This won't happen for years, but my boyfriend and I want to get married and have kids someday. The only thing I am concerned about is him not knowing his biological family’s medical history for his own sake and for the sake of our future kiddos.

I just wish we knew what kind of preventative measures, if any, we need to be aware of taking down the line. I know that heart disease comes from both sides of my family, so I'm extra on top of eating right and exercising. If there's anything he should be tested for frequently as we age, we don't know about it. What if he's highly susceptible to liver cancer? What if blood disorders run in the family? What if 75% of babies born to his biological family have severe brain damage?

We don't know and will never know these things so we can't waste our energy stressing out over them. Still, it would be nice to know.

Edit: as I mentioned, I'm not stressed about this! I don't spend my days worrying about it, especially since I won't be having kids for probably another decade. I'm simply someone who likes to plan ahead, so I'm genuinely curious. Thank you for all the well-meaning advice!

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