Saheed Osupa (all titles removed) is a wonderful Fuji musician and one of the most successful singers in Fuji industry.

But why does he tend to think of himself as being greater than heís actually is? You call yourself Obanla (a great king) because someone calls himself Oga nla (great master). Does he want to equate himself with God?

He calls himself king of music, while all he can sing successfully and professionally is Fuji (only Fuji). There are many types of music and everyone has his field of expertise. Osupaís field of specialization is Fuji music. He canít rap, or sign reggae or pop or blues or other types of popular music worldwide, and he calls himself king of music worldwide.

Why doesnít he call himself only king of Fuji? After all, heís a king only among his fans. Is he the most popular musician in Japan, or Australia or Canada or Russia or the UK or Brazil? Why all this exaggeration?

PSY - Gangnam Style has gathered 2.6 billion views on alone. There are pop stars whoíve sold hundreds of millions of copies of albums. Iím yet to see Saheed Osupaís video that has up to 500,000 views.

Adele is currently worth 125 million dollars. Justin Bierber is worth 200 million dollars. Beyonce is worth 450 million dollars. Elton John is now worth 320 million dollars. How much is Osupa worth? I can guarantee you that heís not worth up to 20 million in terms of dollars; and he calls himself king of music.

Michael Jackson is called king of pop, not music, and heís 10,000 times more successful in life and death, than Osupa. Osupa isnít the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria, nor is he the most popular. Heís not the richest musician in Nigeria, nor is he the most popular. Why call himself king of music worldwide?

I donít know why comparatively lower successes go into peopleís head. If Pasuma is teasing him, should be tease himself? Osupa that I know used to have a wonderful voice many years ago, but now, his voice is hoarse, though he remains a wonderful Fuji singer.

He once said, ďAwa kaweĒ (meaning ďWe are educatedĒ). Who is he talking to? Perhaps he got a first degree or highest, a masterís degree. Whatís the big deal in that? There are millions of degree holders in Nigeria and billions of them all over the world, and so whatís so special about his education?

Perhaps itís because most of his fans are illiterate and semi-illiterate, and a one-eyed person is a king among the blind. Thatís why being educated is a big deal to them.

Saheed Osupa is successful not because of his education, but because of his talent, persistence, endurance, innovation, prayers, efforts, luck and destiny. There are many graduates that canít feed themselves. Founder of Vrigin Airlines, founder of Facebook, founder of Apple, arenít graduates, nor are they illiterates. There are many hugely profitable musicians in North America and all over the world, whose successes make Saheed Osupa pale into insignificance. There are many other professionals who are also far, far richer and popular than heís, and theyíre not graduates.

Iíve come across Nigerian celebrities that donít even know Saheed Osupa, and they donít care who heís.

I like some of Osupaís songs, but when people become proud and conceited, I like to think twice. Why does he think of himself more than he really is?