Circa 2002, a new class of young Nigerians started appearing in our social ecosystem. They were flashy, rich and stylish.
In universities, this new crop of young guys (and babes) quickly displaced club boys at the apex of the social ladder. Their flashy cars lit up the parking spaces of several female hostels. Guys wanted to be their friends. Babes wanted to date them.
14 years after the Internet opened up the world to Nigerian youths, Yahoo Boys (or G-Boys as they are also called these days) are still much visible. Gone are the heady days of the yahoo-yahoo golden era when young men involved in Internet fraud will spend millions of Naira in the clubs, buy G-wagons, Range Rovers and own houses in the most expensive states with reckless abandon.

G-Boys still make a lot of money (and spend a lot of money) but not with so much brazen attitude. America has drug dealers. South Americans have the narco trafficantes. Italians have the mob and the Japanese have the yakuza.