A love of food and wine inspired two expat couples to set up a business running gourmet weekends and wine tours in Dordogne - find out how they did it

What is Duck & Truffle?

Duck & Truffle is run by four friends living in Dordogne – Kate, Emma, Max and Simon. They run wine tours and gourmet weekends in Dordogne during the quieter winter months

How did you come up with the idea of Duck & Truffle?

Just over a year ago, after a long working week, husband and wife Simon Batt and Kate Jones were enjoying a catch up with their friends, Emma Mayes and Max Pesce over good food and wine at one of the local restaurants in Dordogne. The gourmet get-togethers had become a feature of the couples’ routines since they moved to the region, but on this particular night as the wine flowed and the food kept coming, talk turned to the possibility of the foursome running gourmet tours, taking in foodie finds like the one they had discovered that night, in the area that they had come to call home.

“We just love Dordogne,” says Kate. “For us, it’s all about the wine, food and history and we just thought it would be great to share the place we live and love with others,” she says of the group’s reasoning to undertake such a project.