Ultimate Cycler, one of the most popular money doubling schemes worldwide, has been finally relaunched and updated, according to its founder Peter Wolfing.
The UC founder, Peter Wolfing, took to his Facebook account with an urgent message to the scheme users who didnít have access to their accounts for some time.
On Friday, December 16, he wrote: ďUC Launch update. We are moving data and site files so if the site does not come up, DONíT PANIC. Patience grasshopper.Ē
Ultimate Cycler site upgrade is now complete and both new and existing members can login to the site. For those that stayed true and patient, we really appreciate you.

How To Register The Ultimate Cycler Nigeria
To Register on Ultimate Cycler, you must register using a referral link, and then you click on JOIN NOW to get started. contact 08032632745