What is your one regret in life?

When I was a child, 3rd grade to be specific, I found a caterpillar in my garden.

I instantly remembered one of my friends saying “Lock a caterpillar in a match box, it will turn into a butterfly after a week”.

I loved butterflies. So I ran into my kitchen to find a match box. Found one. There were only two match sticks, threw them away and went to my garden running. Somehow managed to put that caterpillar in that matchbox.

I made two small holes on the either sides so that there’ll be some air. Placed the matchbox in a cool and dry place.

2 days passed, I couldn’t stand my curiosity, opened the matchbox to see the progress.


I cried a lot but that caterpillar I had killed unintentionally never came back to life.

All I had in my mind was REGRET.

I eventually learned not to believe anyone blindly. This incident laid a foundation.