1. Vanguard Newspaper
Vanguard-Newspapers - nigerian newspapers
This is the most read online newspaper in Nigeria. Originally, The Vanguard newspaper was a weekly paper. Its first publication was done in July, 3rd 1984. Its aim has been to offer information in regard to good governance, rule of law, and free enterprise. Overtime, the newspapers popularity grew hence becoming a daily publication. Statistics show that about 120,000 newspapers are circulated daily. A reader can access the newspaper via “vanguardngr.com”. Nigerian Vanguard Newspapers website is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria today.
2. The Punch Newspaper
punch_nigeria - nigerian newspapers
The punch newspaper is the second most popular newspaper in Nigeria. The number of newspapers published daily is approximately 80,000. The newspaper that was founded by Sam Amuka and James Aboderin, covers all aspects in the society. These include political, regional, market, sports, as well as entertainment news. The newspaper is available at “Punchng.com”.
3. The Nation Online Newspaper

The Nation Online Newspaper is based in the Country’s capital at Abuja. This Online newspaper covers all aspects found in any newspaper. These consist of Local, regional, and international news. It also features entertainment, sports, as well as business. The Nation Online is available through “thenationonlineeng.net”.
4. Sahara Reporters
saharareporters - nigerian newspapers
Other than being one of the 12 Nigerian newspapers to get Nigerian news online, Sahara newspaper is also very unique. Unlike other newspapers that are run by established newspaper editors, this newspaper is owned and managed by a team of social advocates and international reporters. The newspaper was established under Article 19 of the Human Rights Universal Declaration. It sets to bring forth truthful reporting without any favor or fear. You can access them via saharareporters.com
5. Sun News Online
The Sun Newspaper
The Sun News online started off as a weekly tabloid in January 2003. In June of the same year, the newspaper became a daily publication. Currently, the newspaper has a network that exceeds 42 branches in the country. By logging in at “sunnewsonline.com”, a reader is able to get all the latest local, regional, as well as global information.
6. Nigeria Tribune Newspaper
This is one of the oldest privately owned newspapers in the country. It was founded in 1949 by Chief Obafemi Awololo. The aim of the paper was to provide the Nigerian public with reliable information. Over the years, the newspaper still continues to be a favorite read for many people. “Tribune.com.ng” is the link for the newspaper.
7. The Guardian Newspaper
The Guardian Newspaper
The guardian newspaper available at “ngrguardiannews.com” is a daily publication that covers all fields. For a long time, the newspaper has been known to have a conservative way of reporting news. This has led to the paper not only being one of the popular newspapers in the region, but also highly valued by the “Elite Society”.
8. Leadership Newspaper
Leadership Newspaper is a daily publication based in Abuja, the country’s capital. The newspaper produced by Leadership Newspaper Group focuses on relaying information on good governance, defending the rights of the Nigerian citizen, and also general reporting. The newspaper is available at “leadership.ng”.

Other Notable Nigerian Newspaper Websites
9. This Day Live
Also referred to as “Thisday newspaper”, “This day Live” began in 1995. The newspaper targets the business, diplomatic, and political elite. Since its existence, the newspaper has won a number of accolades which include “Newspaper of the year award. It was also the first full colored print in Nigeria. “thisdaylive.com” is the link for the newspaper.
10. Daily Champion Newspaper
Daily Champion Newspaper focuses on the local business, politics, and other issues. It is an independent newspaper that is accessible through “championnews.com.ng”.
11. Financial Standard Newspaper
The financial Newspaper was started in 1999. It is a purely business publication that focuses on financial matters. Initially, it started as a weekly newspaper, but later transformed to a daily publication that runs from Monday to Friday. It circulates approximately 60,000 copies covering annual reports, financial markets, economic news, and other business news. The newspaper can be read through “financialstandardnews.com”.
12. National Mirror Newspaper
The National Mirror newspaper is available at “nationalmirroronline.net”. It is owned by billionaire businessman and lawyer, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim. Unlike other papers, the National Mirror Newspaper is printed from 3 different plants instead of having a central printing press.
In the modern era, people are always looking to get the latest news updates on time. Online newspapers not only deliver timely news, but are also much cheaper and convenient compared to the traditional newspapers. A reader can either use a computer, ipad, mobile phone, or smart phones to access the above 12 Nigerian Newspapers for latest Nigerian News.