Early life and education
Nnorom Azuonye is a native of Isuikwuato, Abia State of Nigeria, but was born at Enugu, now in Enugu State of Nigeria, on 12 July 1967. He is the youngest son of Stephen Onyemaechi Azuonye MON, MBE, and Hannah Egwuime Azuonye. He attended Government College Umuahia, Capital College, London, and University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he studied Dramatic Arts.

Literary activities
In 2002, Azuonye founded the Sentinel Poetry Movement - an international community of writers and artists providing an interaction and publishing resource for poetry, fiction, drama, essays, interviews and review of the Arts. He is the Managing Editor of Sentinel Literary Quarterly - a magazine of world literature published by Sentinel Poetry Movement. He is also the publisher of Sentinel Nigeria magazine - an online magazine of contemporary Nigerian writing Sentinel's previous two publications, Sentinel Poetry (Online) and Sentinel Poetry Quarterly, have been merged into the single publication Sentinel Literary Quarterly.

Azuonye has been widely published internationally in journals, newspapers and anthologies including Agenda, DrumVoices Revue, Eclectica, Orbis, World Haiku Review, Nigerians Talk, African Writing, African Writers, Sketchbook, Poetry Monthly, Opon Ifa, Theatre Forum, Voices Against Racism: 100 Poems Against Racism, and Poems for a Liminal Age (Mandy Pannett ed.)

His books include Letter to God & Other Poems (2003), The Bridge Selection: Poems for the Road (2005 & 2012), Blue Hyacinths (2010; ed. with Geoff Stevens), Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology (2011; ed with Unoma N. Azuah and Amanda Sington-Williams), "The Genesis of Falcon" (ed.), "Funeral of the Minstrel" (a play, 2015)

Nnorom married Thelma Amaka Azuonye (née Mbomi) in 2006. They live in London, United Kingdom, with their sons, Arinzechukwu and Obinna, and daughter Nwachiamanda.