Proshare, Nigeria’s premier Economic and Financial Information Hub, and NASD Plc, Nigeria’s foremost securities exchange for unquoted public companies, on Tuesday announced a landmark partnership aimed at communicating the activities and developments of the NASD OTC market towards fostering transparency, education and growth.
Following the launch of Proshare 10.0 Phase 1 project on February 29, 2016, a hub designed to have a direct linkage among markets, businesses, technology and the economy, partnering with other exchanges that make up the Nigerian Financial Market became essential.

This partnership will thus combine the professional expertise of NASD Plc with Proshare’s investor education and enlightenment methodologies to boost the activities of the OTC market and in return the Nigerian Financial Market.
The partnership will focus on three broad areas, viz the development of a dedicated page for the OTC Market to enhance data backed engagement; the education of Proshare’s team to deliver independent analysis that can be translated to pricing information; and the deployment of communication strategies to increase the attraction of the NASD OTC exchange to new type firms.

Commenting on the announcement, Olufemi Awoyemi, the Founder/Managing Director, Proshare Nigeria, said: “This partnership is critical to our mission of making information readily available to investors to enhance intelligent investing.