The Kanu Heart Foundation was founded in 2000 by Nwankwo Kanu; Nigeria’s football hero, in the sense of, his God given talent, his resistance to give into the heart defect he was diagnosed as having and his determination to help save underprivileged African children by offering cardiovascular procedures.

The Foundation writes its success story through the numerous lives saved. KHF has had over 415 heart surgeries at an outstanding 98.5% success rate.

Modern medical facilities like the digital cath lab and operation theatre with step-up and step-down ICUs, form an integral part of the healthcare delivery chain.

Their hospital performs both invasive and non-invasive cardiac procedures that include surgical heart transplants, laser surgery, and directional coronary angiogram facility.

This is wonderful foundation. Their aims and objectives are great.

If Kanu was sick and got treated in Nigeria, he would have died. He wouldn’t have realized his full potential. In Nigeria, many people who would have grown up to become super successful in life have died unnecessarily. Poor medical facilities.

The website is:

But these questions remain:

1. Is the foundation still fully functional, especially now that the founder has retired from active football and would be less rich now?

2. Why are no Nigerian rich men not donating generously to this kind of foundation?

3. Are the monies donated to the funds still being solely used for the purposes meant? Are there no parts of the funds being diverted for personal uses?