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Leadership matters most in Africa

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  • Leadership matters most in Africa

    Africa’s rampant conflict (in recent months in the western Sudan and in
    Zimbabwe) and strikingly slow economic development (as compared to Asia
    and Latin America) stems in large part from poor governance and deficient
    leadership. Because of weak economies and weak institutions, and too many
    small land-locked nation-states, leadership matters more in Africa than it does elsewhere
    I simply believe the clinche more than ever that "EVERYTHING RISES AND FALL ON LEADERSHIP.
    The Failures in Africa ,is a failure of Leadership

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    Africa's most ignored problem.

    People get the kind of leadership the deserve. Africa's most ignored problem is the problem of followership. An important question we must ask ourselves, is how do these so called Leaders emerge? The answer is as a result of bad followership. Followers are either too indifferent, uneducated, lack the ability to see the big picture or have wrong values .The real problem of Africa is the value system of her society i.e her Leaders, followers et al. To single out only one section for blame (our leaders) is to miss the point.
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      How can good followers emerge.

      Leaders are actually one time followers.I agree with your point ,that Followrship is also a problem,But it will also be wrong to say it is a sole followership problem and come to think of it ,How can good followers emerge from bad leadership?


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        The gap between the Leader and the Led

        The gulf between the led and the leaders widens as breakdown in crucial policies continues admidst increasing poverty, unemployment,disloyalty,lack of patriotism, breakdown of the Health and education system.
        The gap between the led and the leader kept widening in Nigerian politics and among Nigerian leaders. Images from Western media of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliaments, Councillors and even non-political leaders (such as CEOs) etc. interacting in public spaces with their constituents, members of the public and the freedom and casualness with which they engage with people generally- Is yet to change their mentality,just about 3 Three days ago CNN shows Obama dancing to a spanish Melody,To an African Leader,He will rather go and Think of ways to embezzle money.


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          No winner for Mo Ibrahim's award.

          As a reflection of the bad leadership in Africa,There is no winner this year for the award.

          The backers of a $5-million prize celebrating good governance in Africa say they cannot find anyone to give the award to this year.

          The Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership brings the winner $5-million over 10 years and $200 000 annually for life thereafter.

          Former Botswana president Ketumile Masire said on Monday the prize committee had "considered some credible candidates" but could not select a winner.

          The prize is awarded to a democratically elected former African head of state or government who has left office in the past three years.

          Past winners include former Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano and Festus Gontebanye Mogae, a former president of Botswana.

          I advise them to keep their $5,200,000.00
          If your house is burning, there is no time to go hunting.