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I Served My Boyfriend With Jollof Mixed With My Poo

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  • I Served My Boyfriend With Jollof Mixed With My Poo

    My husband has no idea of this past, and thinks, we ain’t getting pregnant because it’s not in ‘god’s time yet.’ I have bribed our family doctor to keep telling my husband everything is alright with both of us, and that, we both should keep trying for that baby.

    When my friend found out she was pregnant, she left ghana, to the states – without even saying ‘bye’ to my husband.

    “I needed a confession from my husband, so I paid a group of strong guys, enough money, to attack our home one dawn, and also threaten to kill my husband, if he did not confess to sleeping with the girlfriend of one of the robbers.

    I gave my friend every information about my husband’s whereabouts, gave directs to where ever my husband informed me of going, so they accidentally bounce into each other.

    In fact, she was crushing on my husband, when she made those comments years back, so I invited her to ghana, pitched an idea to her as payment for her help.

    That night, before sleeping, I gave my husband an intensive mouth gig, making him pre-cum in my mouth, and then swallowed that too.