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Signs To Know You're Not In Love

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  • Signs To Know You're Not In Love

    Are you in a relationship? Do you love your man? Here are a few things that show that you’re just playing around:

    Most of the time falling OUT of love is a painful and confusing process filled with doubt and guilt. In fact falling OUT of love can be a more emmotional process than falling IN love.

    1. Little things annoy you

    If you always get unnecessarily agitated about a shirt he wears or some extra weight he gained or the way he sings in the car, then you don’t love him. When you really love someone, those things are funny, or at the very least tolerable. But if there’s no real connection there, the little flaws irritate you.

    2. You don’t talk and you don’t care

    If you don’t hear from him for two days, and you’re not bothered, then there’s a serious problem. Wanting to talk to your man, is a sure sign of true love. If you couldn’t care less, then you’re not in love.

    Q: Does it feel suddenly somehow to be alone with your steady, like you no longer have anything to talk about, for no good reason?

    3. You’re constantly comparing your relationship to others

    When you’re really in love, you don’t care what everyone else is doing. You’re happy with what you have. Those differences in your relationship don’t feel like a problem. But, when you know you’re not meant to be with a guy, you constantly try to find something wrong with your relationship.

    4. When going out, you still dress with other men in mind.

    If you’re daydreaming about meeting handsome guys and dressing with that goal in mind, it means you wish you were single. That shows that you’re not really committed to your man.

    Q: When you are alone together in situations that once made you happy, like at a favorite spot, do you feel agitated?

    5. He’s not the one you run to

    When you’re upset about something, crying to your man seems like the obvious thing to do. But if you never confide in your guy, then you don’t really care about him. If you really wanted to be close, he’d be the one you go to when you need a sympathetic ear.

    6. The image of you two standing at the altar gives you anxiety

    If you can’t picture the two of you gazing into each other’s eyes happily on your wedding day, then you’re not meant to be. If you don’t smile at the thought of being his wife, then you’re just playing around.

    7. You’re managing

    If there are serious issues militating against your relationship that you know can’t be resolved but you’re still seeing the guy, then it’s obviously a dead end. If he’s of a different religion from you and you know you can only marry a man of the same religion, then you’re going nowhere. You’re only still with him because you’re avoiding the question: what next?

    8.You’re disrespectful to each other

    If you regularly insult your man, even in front of others, it’s a sign that you don’t really care about him. You’re lashing out at him because you know being with him is a waste of time.

    9. You feel a little guilty around his family

    Deep down you know you won’t be around forever, and they’re expecting you to be a daughter-in-law and the mother of their grandchildren someday. When you’re around the family of a man you don’t want to be with, it’s hard to suppress the guilt.

    10. You’re still not sure if you like him

    Basically, you opened this article! That’s not a good sign. When you know you’re serious about someone, you just know. If you’re still questioning your feelings, then you’re not meant to be.

    Is there anything you’d like to add? How did you know when to end it with your ex? Let us know in the comments box.

    When a relationship ends people assume that it is easy on the person who ends things. It is as if the person who does the breaking up, or who is thinking of breaking things off, is a person with no feelings, but nothing could be further from the truth.
    Besides every Successful Man is himself.

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    that a good one

    let me add one;When your nt in love, hyou will observ that his presence will all way make you sad


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      this is exactly what people in relationships lack knowledge of, how can you deceived yourself that you are in a relationship but stay two to three days without seeing your lover an when you are ask Are you in love? you will answer YES. when we talk about being in a serious relationship with someone you love, automatically you love everything about him. that is to say, the way he or she dresses, the way he or she walks, his or her family background,to mention but few. a song writer says, ''LOVE doesn't ask why'' i really agreed with the nigerianeliteforum that put out this for us to correct the mistakes we make in relationship. love is not blind, it is only blind to those that welcome it. more grace to your elbow @ nigerianschoolblog.


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        This is very a educating topic for young lads who claim to be in love.


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          Many people are ignorant of these signs thinking that love is a game anyone can touch and play then get away at the end capital no. being in love is like somebody building a house , first you plan, lay foundation, concretize the foundation, set bricks, roof it, plaster it, paint if you like, and then live in it and keep maintaining the house to suit your taste.


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            if you are not ready don't batch into it. drop the pride nurture the fragile heart.


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              Why She Falls Out Of Love

              She falls out of love because she met someone else.

              She falls out of love because she’s bored.

              She falls out of love because you neglected her.

              She falls out of love because you grew apart.


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                also let me add, when she start behaving anyhow with you know that she or he has found another lover and decided kick you out the game


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                  You guys are doing well by sharing this info. but thousands of people are ignorant when it come to love forum, is not just all about love but is also being committed, self discipline, good speech, knowing the truth about love, and love is not also a thing we get into without getting set up, you ha to be ready.