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Traditional Wedding - Marriage List In Akwa Ibom

Traditional Wedding - Marriage List In Akwa Ibom  ; Sample of Bride’s Family ‘List’ (From Oboyo Ikot Ita, Nsit Ibom Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State) Mkpo Ndọ Eka Ayin (Father) 1. Ebot eka - okop usem, ked (one ...

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    Default Traditional Wedding - Marriage List In Akwa Ibom

    Sample of Bride’s Family ‘List’
    (From Oboyo Ikot Ita, Nsit Ibom Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom

    Mkpo Ndọ Eka Ayin (Father)
    1. Ebot eka - okop usem, ked (one native goat)
    2. Ekpeme brandy ked enwañ ọfọñisin – English wax (one bottle of
    brandy wrapped with loin cloth)
    3. Ọfọñisin – George, Hollandis ked ked (one each of George and
    4. Itọñ ọfọñ iba – lace (two lace blouses)
    5. Ubọp eba, ọfọñiwot, ọfọñ adaha idem, iba, ñkpọ ubọk mme ñkpọ itọñ,
    iba iba (two each of brassiere, headtie, underskirt, lingerie)
    6. Nkanika ubọk, ufΛk eyo, ikpa ukot, ked ked (one each of wrist watch,
    umbrella, pair of shoes)
    7. Ọkpọsọñ mmin carton ked kutọ kutọ (one carton of assorted spirits)
    8. Beer carton ition (5 cartons of beer)
    9. Mmem mmem mmin crate ition (5 crates of mineral water)
    3457. Ọkpọ ukọt ọkọọk ked (one keg of palm wine)
    8. Ekpeme whisky ked (one bottle of whisky)
    9. Ebot nditọ ete (one nanny goat for the extended family)
    10. ỌkΛk nditọ ete (cash for the extended family, varied, ranging from
    N5, 000.00)
    11. ỌkΛk itọñ ebot, (cash on the ‘neck’ of the goat, varied, ranging from

    Mkpọ Etebom mme Ekaete (Grandfather and Grandmother)
    1. Uman ebot ked (one nanny goat)
    2. Ọfọñ isin, ọfoñ idem, ọfọñ iwod ked ked (one piece of loin cloth, one
    top, one head tie for the grandmother)
    3. Ọfọñ isin, ọfọñ idem, itam, esañ ked ked (one each of loin cloth, top,
    hat, and walking stick for the grandfather)
    4. Ọkpọsọñ mmin ked (one bottle of spirit)
    5. Ekpeme ufọfọp ked (one bottle of native gin)
    6. Ekpeme wine ked (one bottle of wine)
    7. Iwot unwọñ ked (one sheaf of tobacco)
    8. Akañ (limestone)
    9. Ete ibọñ ked mme usiak ibọñ (one pod of kola nuts plus N200.00)
    10. Udia ition (5 yams)
    11. Ọkpọ ukọt ọkọọk ked (one calabash or keg of palm wine)
    12. ỌkΛk etebom mme ekaete (cash for grandfather and grandmother,
    negotiable, say about N5, 000.00)

    Mkpo Ndọ Ete Ayin (Father)
    1. Asaña nta whisky mme English wax (one bottle of 3-in-1 whisky
    wrapped with English wax loin cloth)
    2. Ebot ete ayin – okop usem (one native nanny goat)
    3. Akamba ọfọñ idem mme English wax (one ‘chieftaincy’ top with
    English wax loin cloth)
    4. Esañ, itam, ikpọukot mme stọkin, ufΛkeyo, ked ked (one each of
    walking stick, hat, umbrella)
    5. Siọt, sinkin, nkanika ubọk, ked ked (one each of shirt, singlet, wrist
    6. Ọfọñ ukuoko idem (one bath towel)
    7. Whisky mme schnapps carton kedeked (one carton each of whisky and
    8. Carton beer duop kutọ kutọ (10 cartons of assorted beer)
    9. Crate mmem mmem mmin duop (10 crates of mineral water)
    10. Ufọfọp ke ufa otu [native gin in a new (ceramic) jar]
    11. Ukọkọk unwọñ (ground tobacco) mme akañ (limestone)
    12. Ibọñ mme usiak ibọñ (a pod of native kola nuts plus cash)

    Mbup Ndọ Ayin (“Asking for the woman’s hand”)
    1. Ete: Ekpeme Schnapp ked [Father: One bottle of Schnapps (Seaman’s)
    wrapped in a loin cloth}
    2. Eka: Ekpeme wine ked ewañ ke ọfọñ isin (Mother: One bottle of wine
    wrapped in a loin cloth)
    3. Carton beer ked (One carton of beer)
    4. Crate memmem mmin ked (One crate of mineral water)
    5. Uman ebot ked (okop usem) (One native nanny goat)

    Mkpọ Nditọ Ete (Extended Family)
    1. Carton beer ked (one carton of beer)
    2. Crate mmem mmem min ked (one crate of mineral water)
    3. Iwot unwọñ (one ‘head’ or sheaf of tobacco)
    4. Ete ibọñ ked (one pod of native kola nuts)
    5. Okuk usiak ibọñ (cash for breaking of the kola, varied, from N200.00)
    6. Ekpeme ufọfọp ked (one bottle of native gin)

    10. Aman akama ked mme ukọp (one big metal basin with a cover)

    Mkpọ otu owo (General)
    1. Nsuan nsuan mmin (assorted drinks for the guests)
    2. Okuk ibeñe (cash for entertainment, negotiable but should be

    Mkpọ Ọkpọñọ (Name sake)
    1. Ebot ọkpọñọ (one nanny goat)
    2. Ọfọñ isin, ọfọñ idem, ufọk iwod ked ked (loin cloth, top, headgear,
    either male or female)
    3. ỌkΛk ọkpọñọ (cash for the namesake, negotiable)

    1. The things for the extended family are listed before others,
    emphasizing the place of the extended family system in community
    2. Any requirement for cash is negotiable including bride price.
    3. Items for the grandmother and mother are usually bought by the bride
    although with money from the groom
    4. Demands for material things are made because after marriage, the
    woman, brought up and educated by her family, will generate wealth
    for the husband’s family. She is therefore an investment with returns
    lasting a lifetime.

    Insult to the Family : Incase she is pregnant or have a baby before "marriage" from the groom
    1. One She Goat
    2. One bottle of St. Remy
    3. Two Carton of Star Beer
    4. Two crates of soft drinks
    5. One bottle of native gin
    6. Two Bottles of wine
    7. N10,000.00

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    Ughhh this means boys will not get married now

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