The best rappers today

Now, when weve found out more about the genre, we may observe the ratings of the best artists in Nigeria. The following list's based upon the influence of artists on Nigerian music industry. Their money and fame havent been taken into account. According to the social media, their list includes:

Skales. He is both a performer and a lyricist. Hes recorded more than 200 songs by now. Besides, hes worked with various famous artists, such as eLDee, Knighthouse, Jeremiah Gyang, and so on. His first rap album is going to be released this year.

Lynxxx. Hes a rapper and an entrepreneur. His debut album was released in 2010. Besides, he was the first Nigerian to be endorsed by Pepsi brand. Its possible to say, his music's a combination of various genres, such as hip hop, R&B, and funky house. Before to become a musician, hes managed to build several successful businesses (among which there are media companies and a recording studio).

Naeto C. He is not only one of the best African rappers. Hes a producer and Afrobeat artist as well. Hes gained much experience. He was the producer of several artists, who then received awards for their albums. He has about 50 of his own compositions recorded.
Naeto C.

Eva Alordiah. Shes the best female rapper in Nigeria. However, this is not her only occupation. Evas also entertainer, entrepreneur, make-up artist, and fashion designer. Shes received plenty of awards, among which there are Nigeria Entertainment, Eloy, and YEM awards. She released her debut mixtape in November 2011. As for the first album, it appeared in January 2015.
Eva Alordiah.

Reminisce. He's rapper and a songwriter. He originates from the Yoruba group, so he performs both in English and in his native language. His first album was released in March 2012 (although the recording started in 2010). The following year there came his second one. According to the Time Magazines website, hes one of 7 World Rappers You Should Meet.

Mode 9. Hes won The Headies Lyricist on the Roll for seven times. Hes released 6 studio albums by now. In the year of 2006, he managed to get three HipHop World Awards and three Channel O Music Video Awards. The majority of rappers knows and respects his lyrics. Thats why he is often called a legendary lyricist. Moreover, he is thought to be a builder of Nigerian modern music industry.
Mode 9.

Phyno. In 2003, he started as a record producer, but by 2013 he gained much fame. What is peculiar about his is that he performs in the language of Igbo. In 2014, he released debut album. His inspirer was Yoruba rapper Olamide. Phynos most prominent achievement is the influence in Igbo rapping. It helped people of that tribe to start doing their own things.

M.I. He is one of the best-known artists in Africa. Hes got large number of awards, including MTV Africa Music Award in 2009. Hes taken part in lots of competitions and gained international recognition. In 2012, he was appointed United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Besides, hes a vanguard of Afrobeat movement.

Ice Prince. He gained great popularity after releasing one of the most remixed songs, called Oleku. His debut was in 2011, when the first album was released. Nowadays he is an ambassador to many reputable brands. Hes collaborated with several international artists, which has made him famous worldwide. In 2015, he launched his own record label, but he didnt give up rapping. What is also important for Nigeria, he has raised Afro-Pop to another level.
Ice Prince.

Olamide. His first album is still thought to be one of the best. Hes the first rapper, who has released 4 albums within four years. Now he's his own record label. He signs his songs to it, as well as some other artists do. Moreover, hes met and worked with many international musicians. He can be titled the most influential artist in Nigeria. He's won the hearts of thousands of fans.

This is the list of the most prominent rappers. Some of them have big experience in this sphere, while the others have just started their career but already managed to become famous and influential. Remember, that it's just for the current year, but not the rating of all times. Thus, the next year the situation might change and the other artists will be mentioned in such list.

Rap, as we understand it nowadays, has appeared not long time ago. This genre takes its roots from African tradition of chanting while keeping up with the beat. There exist plenty of different styles, and each rapper chooses the one for him.

Nigerian people are very talented, thats why there're so many successful artists in this country. The majority of them have been able to become popular not only in their native country and in Africa, but also in the international world. More and more musicians, who perform in their native language, have recently appeared. It helps to popularize Nigerian culture and keep it alive.