One time my neighbor stole my cat.

First, I asked for my cat back. She ran into my arms when this crazy woman opened the door. My neighbor then insisted that I was harassing HER cat, grabbed Marie out of my arms, and slammed the door in my face.

Naturally, I called the police and they came over. She argued with them for like 15 minutes, while I was showing them picture after picture of me and Marie I had on my phone. Finally, I showed them all the papers I had for her (vaccination records, her adoption forms, etc) and they said ďLook lady, I donít know why youíre still keeping this up, we know the cat isnít yours, please just give her back so we donít have to forcibly take her.Ē She told them to get a warrant and tried to shut the door, but the officer stopped her, then told me to go get my cat. I took one step inside, and Marie ran to me again and we walked out. She slammed the door while screaming at us, and the officers told me to call them again if anything happened.

I kept Marie inside until we were able to move about 2 months later. Every time she saw me in those two months, she would scream obscenities at me and would tell anyone near by about how I forcibly removed HER cat. Fortunately, no one believed her because apparently she had done this beforeÖ

Canít blame her for wanting to steal this cutie pie though