1.The African Trilogy

2.Home and exile

3.Termitenhügel in der Savanne

4.Heimkehr in fremdes Land

5.Girls at war

6.The trouble with Nigeria

7.A Man of the People

8.Arrow of God

9.Collected poems

10.Chike and the River

11.Conversations with Chinua Ache

12.Beware Soul Brother

13.Le monde s'effondre

14.Anthills of the Savannah

15.No Longer at Ease

16.No image

17.Morning Yet on Creation Day: Essays

18.Winds of Change

19.Another Africa

20.The Short Century

21.The African writer and the Biafran cause

22.The university and the leadership factor in Nigerian politics


24.The voter

25.Things Fall Apart

26.How the leopard got his claws

27.Beyond Hunger in Africa

28.The drum

29.The sacrificial egg

30.Great Commonwealth Stories

31.African Short Stories

32.Christmas in Biafra, and other poems

33.The flute