My 14-year-old son watches dirty videos on YouTube. What should I do?

I will answer by paraphrasing Bill Gates. When asked if he was worried about how the internet gives his kids access to inappropriate materials, he gave what I consider the most intelligent response.

I prefer to talk to him about it. If there is something he wants to find, he will learn about it eventually, either thanks to a magazine, a classmate, etc.

Obviously I'm paraphrasing him, but I think this is such an obviously superior course of action that frequently escapes parents.

By talking to him about his activities, you can better understand why he is interested in what he watches. The accessibility of the internet is an incredible gift since it will foster the curiosity of children. It is your job not to deprive him of it, but show him how to best use it.

Hope that helps.


With all the answers I've written I would have never guessed 14 years old watching dirty videos was the one to get the attention


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