What is the meaning of Igodomigodo? So many people would want to know?

Igodomigodo is a political sobriquet I have habilimented or if you like togarise my identity for a period of aeon to emblematize my culturico-spiritual fons et origo. It was an advertent stratagem to cosmopolitanize my genealogical matrix and arcane trajectory since it was not by accident that I originated from the land of Igodomigodo. The interesting thing is that IGODOMIGODO, being the pristine nomenclature of the Bini man, evokes in me the alacritous presence of the invisible “gods” of my progenitors which, by itself, invokes a luxuriation in an ancestral egregore of pristine resurgimento.

How did you actually come about the bombast with which you speak?

Well, this question can be answered from a bifurcated fons et origo.

One, I had a singular privilege of having a martinet for a father. My father was, and remains a very strict disciplinarian of puritanical and quixotic predilection. What that meant, my brother, in practical terms was that I never saw the streets of Benin outside my father’s compound after 7p.m., until I became a practising lawyer. I didn’t know how Benin looked like after 7p.m., except of course when I had to go to school.

If you grew up under that type of ambience, you cannot but put your nose to the grindstone. And more germane was the fact that when my father traveled abroad, he brought with him a flyer to the effect that good speakers have ruled the world, and if you want to rule the world, you cannot but be a good speaker.

I was very impressionable when he gave me this flyer which he had bought from London and for me who have always had the primus mobile and gravitating force to want to be part and parcel of the political higgi haggar of my milieu, I said to myself that if being a good speaker was the condition sine qua non for ruling the world, then I was going to do everything possible to be a good speaker and that was how I acclimatized myself very voraciously to the Students’ Companion and read all there was to read that came my way.

It was indeed a period of mental lucubration and intellectual gymkhana but more fundamentally is the fact that – and I’ve always said this – for most people, the dictionary is a reference point; but, for me, for over 25years now, the dictionary is a vade mecum – constant companion that is.


I have spent nothing less than an hour on a daily basis on my dictionary for the past twenty five years and this could go from the pedestrian dictionary to the Encyclopedia and even to the Encarta dictionaries.

What purpose do you want to achieve with that? Just to speak, or to confuse people by being bombastic and verbose?

Let me tell you an incident that occurred that I want to bring under focal hiceps and biceps when I had the rare privilege to peregrinate through the green chambers, the House of Representatives, specifically. I’m talking about when I had the opportunity to describe the intended legislative gambadoism of my colleagues as amounting to legislative rascality. You remember I was to be committed to parliamentary seppuku for that idiolect.

(An incident that occurred when he called his colleagues in the House of Reps legislative rascal).
You were talking above them?

As far as they were concerned, the use of rascal simply meant something that was odious and malodorous and, to that extent, they felt scabrously stigmatized. But if you had the opportunity to go beyond the normal dictionary, into the high mental lingua dictionaries like the Encarta dictionaries, it would tell you, for example, that the word rascality, beyond those stigma, equally means when someone or an institution takes a position that is antipodal from the majority position.

So, from the point of view of the fact that majority of Nigerians including the progressive media and even the political parties objurgated the contumacious attempts by us to foist ourselves as automatic members of the NEC of our respective political parties, our intended actions had a deprecable and philistine pigmentation of legislative rascality which I pooh-poohed.

(Because the word rascality also means taking a minority position which was what the attempt by Reps to become automatic members of the National Executive Committees, NEC, of their parties amounted to, but which his colleagues did not understand, he got into trouble)

So, after courting trouble with your bombastic words, did they easily agree with your definition?

No, no, no, no.

Of course, normally in parliament, a concatenation of Machiavellian colloquy enveloped in punitive vendetta preceded my supposed parliamentary guillotine. Of course they were not in the mood for robust dialectics. I have dealt a mortal blow to their calculative solar plexus and I must be dealt with. Enough of the “obahiagbonesse”

So, it was a mob reaction and when I made to justiceate my earlier position that the action of parliament amounted to legislative rascality, my justification indeed further added fuel to their anger and when against my wish, the Speaker insisted that ‘Honourable Obahiagbon, I agree with what you are saying, but your colleagues still feel angered and why not please pacify them by saying you are sorry?’

It was at that juncture and in deference to Mr. Speaker who was so righteously desirous of my not swimming inside an aqua of vendetta and an already predetermined hara-kiri, that I had to verbagogically meander around the interstices by rendering the famous apologia even though I was still quick to insist on the strong conviction of my position. But do you know my brother that even the use of the word apologia deposited parliament even more in turpsy turvydom?

(The Speaker wanted him to say sorry but he used the word apologia which was rejected by his colleagues and which further infuriated them, leading to shouts of no, no, no no from members)

But you could also have simply said SORRY?

My friend those were funny times and a day of the long knives.
Apologia and SORRY mean one and the same thing!

If for me apologia was what my medulla oblongata popped up at that time, so be it.

(if what his brain suggested at that time was apologia, so be it)

The ‘rascals’ did not become members of their party’s NEC any way?

I no know book oooooo.
(I don’t know what you’re talking about)

You did not return to the House. Was there any link between this, your move from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and eventual exit from the House? Was there no deal between you and your governor before you went into ACN?

I don’t want to think so. I am a practising and an ardent student of Rosicrucian mysticism.
And as a student of light, I believe that anything that happens to me does not happen by chance and, in fact, nothing happens by chance or accident to a practising student of mysticism.

I don’t want to believe that; but suffice to say that by the time I adjusted from the PDP, there was a deal between myself and the governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, and the high priests of the ACN that they would deploy the ACN party machinery to actualize and concretize my mandate. The rest is history.

Source : Vanguard Newspaper.