Iím Bisi Ibidapo-Obe, a Nollywood actress.

Acting is a passion
I have always been passionate about acting. When I was in the secondary school, I loved entertainment. So, imagine how I felt when my father insisted that I read law. I do not blame him because a large percentage of my family members are lawyers. I rejected my fatherís advice and went to Ebute-Meta, Lagos, where I met a popular actor, who introduced me to acting. The first film I featured in was Edunjobi. Then, I was not after money. I just wanted to be famous. I wanted to be like my bosses-Yinka Quadri and Taiwo Hassan. It was not easy climbing the ladder of success but I thank God for what I have become today.

Life as an actress
Acting is profitable and it has opened a lot of doors. I can proudly say that I am a successful actress. Featuring in many films? I did at a time but I withdrew when I was pregnant. I also donít fancy featuring in just any film. I have produced a few movies. Producing a good movie is capital intensive and I spend over N15m on any film I produce. I go for big projects. Thatís why it takes like three years for me to produce another one. I will produce, then make sure that I premiere within and outside Nigeria in order to recoup whatever I have spent.

I donít believe actresses are the pictures some people paint. Actresses are not loose. They are not promiscuous and we get married and live normal lifestyles like other women. Acting is just a career. That I interpreted the role of a loose girl in any movie should not make anyone think I am loose! I am first Bisi Ibidapo-Obe, before any character in any film.

It is exciting! It is an experience I pray every woman goes through. Luckily for me, I had my parents and family members who stood by me when I was pregnant. Also, I had my friends who supported me despite what went around in the media about who impregnated me. God was with me. In fact, I had a wonderful time and never suffered any illness. I was strong and still going about my other businesses. Everyone stood by me and there was no time to go into depression. Contrary to rumours, I was in my home and I was never evicted. I am as comfortable as ever. When the baby came last year, it was a hitch-free delivery. It was a girl and we christened her Destiny Oluwajomiloju Dino-Melaye. I am savouring all that motherhood has brought my way.

I have a fiancť
I must confess that I never knew my love affair with the father of my baby would turn awry but it did. Fortunately for me, the guy I was dating before stood by me when my daughterís father rejected me. He saw all that happened as a script written by God, which had to play out. He stood by me throughout the pregnancy and he is still there for me. I am not bothered about any issue now. I just pray that the joy God has given me will live forever! Indeed, I am fulfilled as a woman.

It is a passion I live daily. I love looking good! Anytime I travel abroad, I buy dresses. I love dresses. I love good make-up too. I can spend any amount on a nice dress, pairs of shoes and a beautiful bag. Jewellery? I am not a freak for gold. I am more comfortable with costume jewellery.

Advice to other actors
Be yourself and donít strive to be like someone else. Pray and the sky would not be your limit.