Just like Genevieve and Ini Edo before her, the Kogi-born entertainer has mastered the art of seduction. And sheís using it all to secure a place in our hearts and homes; in our lives!

Letís set it straight once and for all. Are you pregnant?

Oh no. At all

Are you still planning to get married next month?

Iím getting married but the date is not out. I donít know why everybody keeps giving me different dates. They shouldnít worry. The wedding is pretty soon, we are still organizing it. Isím getting married. Iím engaged (with emphasis), they should relax.

You still live in Badagry?


One would have thought you would have moved to VGC or Lekki by now?

I still live with my parents (chuckles), although Iím not always around but I still live with them.

Do you remember that popular and sexy picture of you wearing a white dress that left your cleavage on the glare? What were you thinking when you bought the dress, was it for men to drool or just to make headlines?

Oh yeah I know that one. Do you have a problem with the dress? Itís nothing. Itís just a dress, it was not to get anybody into to trouble. I saw it was pretty and I bought it. If had known it would put me in so much trouble I wouldnít have bought it.

For someone talented like you, itís difficult to believe when people say you slept your way to the top. Does it make you feel bad?

No it doesnít at all. My job speaks for me. I donít care what all haters say, they donít bother me. My job just speaks for me. Iím still here today because I know what Iím doing. Whatever! ĎNa dem knowí.

From your experience, what would you say is the biggest problem facing Nollywood?

(Hmmm Ė thinking hard) I basically think that what Nollywood needs is cooperation and government intervention. We need to grow in every aspect; manpower, films, creativity and when corporate and government bodies get involved, the whole standard will be upgraded. Thatís what we need. We need to step up our game.

Seriously, have you dated or slept with any producer or director before to get a role?

(Laughs) No. No.

But you must get sex offers from them. How do you keep the lustful men in check?

I donít have to keep anybody in check. When they say I slept with this producer and that director, it baffles me. Though no one is saying anybody is a saint but if I sleep with them to feature in their films, will I sleep with people too to buy the films? Am I gonna sleep with the fans to fight for me on facebook? Itís funny. Am I going to travel to America and force them to buy my films by sleeping with them? It doesnít work that way. You either know what you are doing or you donít know it. Iím happy that in all the allegations that Mercy sleeps with everybody, they havenít said that Mercy doesnít know how to act. Thatís not there. Even in Journalism or Banking, all you need to do is know your onions. If you know your onions, things work for you and if you do otherwise afterwards, thatís your own problem. Iím not saying Iím part of that school, but Iím saying the way people think about me is funny. I get called a lot of names, though I donít have a problem with that, but the point is, itís not compulsory you do some dirty things before you can attain the zenith of your career.

Would you ever consider dating a white man?

Not particularly (laughing heartilyÖ) I donít have a problem with it

Which of the movies you have featured would say you regretted being part of?

None, I hate to hold up to mistakes or blaming my fault on somebody else. I just move on. So there is none I can pick for now

How many movies have you starred so far?

Lots of them. Quite much. If I have to say 300 hundred now they will sayÖoh 300 sex. So quite a lot

So what has been the highest amount you were paid for a movie role?

I canít tell you

Comparing Omotola and Genevieve, whoís your favourite?

I canít pick. I like them both

If you didnít make it big as an actress, what would you be doing right now?

I would be a broadcaster or an entertainer

Maybe itís not too late, we could still swap. Iíll be the celebrated actor and you be a journalist, how about that?

(Bursts into laughter) Hell no, you guys donít have a conscience but I do

What do you mean we donít have conscience?

But itís true. If I do something bad, my conscience pricks me but thatís not the case for you guys. I canít just cook up something that doesnít exist about someone because I have the power of the pen. So I canít be a journalist. Iím sorry.

So you are saying Iím in a wrong vocation?

Ahhhh! No ooo! Somebody has to do it now, so thatís why you are there.

So whoís the lucky man and what struck you in him that made you decide to marry him?

(Blushing) Heís a good person. He seems to understand me. Heís a private person and for the fact that he understands me in my silly nature, heís awesome.

Source: Nigerian Entertainment Today.