I woke up this morning to the sounds of bells jingling and children singing. I wondered what the big event was, and then I realized that these children were rehearsing for the annual estate carol service. It then dawned on me that Christmas was around the corner.

I asked myself, ‘’ what exactly is Christmas’’? Is it a time of dancing, family reunion or what? I soo much used to look forward to Christmas as a child because I knew I would get a new dress, pair of shoes, accessories, even money and it was almost all about the food back then. As I advanced in age, I began to search for the true meaning of Christmas.

I could feel the joy in the hearts of those kids as they sang with all their strength and how their eyes were beaming with joy because Christmas is fast approaching. Then I remembered how my relatives used to tell us stories of how their had snow ball fights on Christmas eve and how they attended carols and had soo many people visit them with gifts and all those cheerful memories that make Christmas worth remembering.

Oh! Dear Christmas- what fond memories we all cherish as the years roll by and then we all look forward to another yuletide season. But then, something within me asked‘’ am I supposed to enjoy this season alone?’’ I thought deeply, hmmm- a very deep question I must confess. Then I remembered the child who stays at the end of my street begging for money to eat everyday; the widow who has no one to keep her company. Immediately, guilt struck me as I knew I had been self-centered all the while.

We all are grateful to God for sparing us to see another joyful season which is good but somehow, we are forgetting something. Christmas shouldn’t be all about our relatives and loved ones’ we should learn to share the love to even the people we don’t know.

I heard the story of a little boy whose mother was ill and wanted to get her a present (a new pair of shoes) so that she could meet Jesus with those shoes; however this young chap didn’t have enough money. After gathering all he could save, he ventured into the shop and poured out all his coins on the counter but it wasn’t enough and his face was filled with tears as he cried out his intentions to the cashier. The man standing next to him decided to pay up for the shoes and you needed to see how the boy’s face lit up with smiles. He got home just in time to give his mom those shoes with the stranger (the guy who paid for the shoes) by his side.

The stranger cried all his way back home and said that was going to be one of his best Christmases because he lit up a sad face with a smile.

I want you to know Christmas is not all about you but the amount of people you put smiles on their faces. It is about how many hearts you can reach out to and make them feel loved; it’s about sharing. Christmas is also a time of giving just as how Christ gave us salvation.

Let this Christmas be different from the previous ones. Put a smile on someone’s face; it doesn’t have to be money, it might be your time; your advice; anything!

Make this Christmas a memorable one and watch how your heart would be aglow with joy.

Season’s greetings!!!