Do you know that with your passion, you can change the world. Rancho, an errand boy, orphaned early in life, had a passion for engineering and anything knowledge. He’d attend any class and grab knowledge wherever and whenever he found it.

When Mona, the College Director’s daughter, would be delivered of a baby, and flood and power outage became monster obstacles, Rancho’s ingenuity saved the day.

The inverter he invented and the vacuum cup he improvised saved mother and baby … and all others dying from anxiety.

You’ve got your voice as what you want to be, it’s up to you to use your talents well. There is a great need to be focus and folow your ppassion, don't ever make the mistake of getting into another man's shoe or using another man's glasses, and do whatsoever you find to do so excellently no one can ignore you. You’ll make a difference.