You know, everyone thinks writing and blogging are a joke. Not professions. Not impactful. Not ways to make money.

Like the Director, Virus, did to Raju, the society misses no chance to remind you how beggarly you’d be if you chase your dream.

But they’re all wrong.

Rancho’s pursuit of his passion made him accomplished, graduating as the student of the year. And only 10 years after leaving college, he’s amassed 400 patents, become the curator of a practical engineering school and, in the words of his long-time rival, Silencer, “a great scientist” under the name, Phunsukh Wangdu.

If 400 patents isn’t a gold mine to live on, what else could be?

Your writing dream may not make you another Dangote. But if you do it well, people will gladly hand you their cash to help them with your art. I don’t want to brag, but this tiny blog is an ATM for me already. Seriously. :-)

With time and some modicum of luck, it should become a gold mine.

Living your writing dream would make you accomplished, and can earn you a decent living, even if you don’t get to become the richest man in your village.